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The mission of Zuni Entrepreneurial Enterprises, Inc is to provide effective and comprehensive vocational training, meaningful employment opportunities and needed independent living skills for developmentally disabled adults within the Zuni Reservation and elsewhere in southern McKinley County.  The agency will accomplish this mission by operating a sheltered employment program, supported employment, personal care, and supervised/supported living programs that provide real work, wages and personalized care as mechanism for the developmentally disabled adults we serve to live independently in the community.

The agency will also ensure that disabled individual receive needed supports services so they may live independent and productive lives.

Z.E.E., Inc will act as an advocate for any developmentally disabled person in need so that their rights as human beings are honored and their dignity is respected.

In providing sheltered and supported employment services, personal care, supervised and supported living services, Zuni Entrepreneurial Enterprises, Inc will provide training and opportunities leading to full inclusion and participation in community involves:  1)  Community presence - sharing the physical environment that defines community life; 2)  Choice - empowering the individual to make decisions in both everyday and life determinant matters; 3)  Competency - the opportunity to demonstrate one's value and abilities to others and one's self; 4)  Goal setting - establishing and achieving goals for one's self; 5) Respect - opportunity to be respected for what one is and does.  Eliminating the stereotype that often follows the term "disabled"; and 6)  Community Participation - the opportunity to be actively and purposefully involved in the community.

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For more information on the program, services and eligibility requirements, please contact our offices by calling (505)782-5798 or writing ZEE Inc., P.O. Drawer 989, Zuni, New Mexico 87327

Email: larryalflen@zeeinc.org